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TomTom Maps For Mapfactor Navigator Mega (Latest)




In the vehicle profile screen, select the units, set the unit of measure, and choose the preferred units for maps, such as metric, miles or kilometers. Truck/bus users must be aware that the Huygens-app is only designed for local navigation. It is not intended as a replacement for the Huygens-app standard. Therefore the vehicle profile settings are fixed and can not be changed by the user. Truck/bus users must be aware that the Huygens-app is based on the current GPS-location of the vehicle, and is therefore dependent on the communication links between the vehicle and the Huygens-app. Due to bad links or when the vehicle is parked in a garage, some roads may be missing from the database and therefore not shown in the map. When a route is selected, the journey is automatically recorded and an event is added to the record. If the vehicle is stopped, the event is automatically disabled. When using the driver profile, it is possible to automatically open the profile of another vehicle. This enables it to be used to display routes or waypoints for other vehicles in the fleet. For example, you can use it as a digital sign for your truck and use the vehicle profile to load routes for your other vehicles.




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TomTom Maps For Mapfactor Navigator Mega (Latest)
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